Important Considerations for Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Among of the most important money matters you will probably ever decide on is purchasing a home or selling one. Surprisingly, not many people take finding the right real estate agent seriously enough. More often, an agent is picked because of a friend or relative's recommendation or some online ad. Spending enough time to choose your agent can spare you the tedious work that comes with a property sale or purchase. 

So where do you begin? Of course, seeking referrals from relatives and friends is still a great way to start, but don't work with an agent just because he was recommended by someone. Don't make your choice a personality issue.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Agent

o             Make sure your real estate agent or broker has a state license legally permitting them to provide real estate services. If you pick an agent who is a Realtor, that means this person is also a member of the National Association of Realtors, which is very strict when it comes to their code of ethics. 

o             Don't pick a dual agency, meaning they represent both sides of the transaction - the buyer's and the seller's. As they say, you can't serve two masters.  Watch to gain more info.

o             Pick an agent who works with homes within your budget.

o             Go with an agent who listens to your concerns and will happily answer your questions or explain parts of the transaction you don't fully understand. Remember, you're paying them for their time, so let them earn their commission by throwing all the hard questions.

o             You have to select an agent who will be available when you need them. So for instance, your availability is only Sundays at home, go with an agent who will be able to accommodate you, not vice-versa.

o             Your agent should be able to help you with other services, like house staging, searching for a real estate lawyer if necessary, and the others. 

If you are purchasing a house, interview your potential agent as though they were applying for a job. Well, aren't they? Only difference is you found them. In any case, ask all questions you have in mind. Make notes. Interview two or three agents before making your final choice.

If you plan to sell your home, inquire about the agent's marketing strategy. If it's just MLS listing, that may not be enough. When asking questions, make sure it's the same for all two or three prospects you have. This way, you will be able to make apples to apples comparisons, which are the only valid comparisons anyway. Learn how to prepare for a real estate appraiser with these steps in .

Let them tell you about market conditions or what makes them unique from other agents. Also have them give you two reasons you should choose them over your other prospects.  them to give you a background of their firm. Finally, ask for client references, their names and phone numbers. And when you are given some, make sure to give these people a meaningful call. View website if you have questions.